BHNET Announcement. [2005 ]
Orange County-based BHNET Software Solutions announced that it will be providing InnovationPlay with software development services. InnovationPlay, an innovative Internet gaming software provider, set out to bring a new experience to the world of poker, and have done so through the creation of InnovationPoker. InnovationPoker is poker played 'automatically' using 'computer players' created with Player Definition software. User's can create several personalized 'Players' to closely imitate their style of play. These digital 'Players' can be used to compete in online tournaments against hundreds of other 'Players' or they can be loaded into InnovationPlay's Personal InnovationPoker Player (PIPP). A low cost keychain device that allows up to 10 users to compete in a single table tournament face to face, playing thousands of hands in minutes, leaving you time to ..... do just about anything. To read more about InnovationPlay, click here.

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